Azzurri Communications Launches New Contact Centre Product

Azzurri Communications has launched the new version of its flagship contact centre management product, Callmedia. Callmedia version 5.0 contains a number of new features and innovations to empower call centre agents and their supervisors, in order help organisations provide the best possible customer experience. The product is aimed at UK-based contact centres of up to 1000 agents and is currently available on controlled release, with two customers, Vanquis Bank and Best Deal Insurance already signed up. General availability will be in Q1 2012.

The product has been built around the guiding principle of ‘Expert Contact’, which aims to match call centre agents to customers in a way that maximises the value of every interaction. The sophisticated call routing technology built by the Azzurri Innovations team ensures each customer is always matched with the most appropriate agent, at the most appropriate time.

On the occasion an agent can’t immediately solve the customer issue, Callmedia 5.0 provides expertise-based presence, a powerful tool giving agents the ability to consult, conference and transfer calls without having to put the customer on hold. This is supported by an agent ‘collaboration wizard’, helping them choose the best colleague to consult with by showing real time contact centre statistics, so they know exactly who is available and the specific skills they possess.

Contact centre supervisors also benefit from a number of new features. Callmedia 5.0 offers over 150 different real-time statistics, so they can see exactly who is talking to whom and for how long. Customer experience reports provide further value, giving supervisors immediate access to the customer’s entire journey through the contact centre, including queue time, hold time, transfers, conferences and even the notes that agents passed to each other during collaboration.

Callmedia 5.0 also supports virtual call centres. With users distributed across multiple sites or working from home, solving customer issues quickly can be problematic. But Callmedia 5.0 allows users and supervisors to work together using live web chat sessions, easily accessed through a new button on the Callmedia Desktop Toolbar. Supervisors can accept assistance requests and offer proactive assistance if required from the Callmedia Enterprise Statistics dashboard.

The new product makes IT Managers’ lives easier, as the new version comes with ‘Desktop Smart Client’ installation. This means client components are installed centrally on a server, with users simply given a link to click to install. For customers with multiple sites, the Smart Client can be hosted in several locations, reducing network usage between sites. Install updates are also applied centrally and automatically deployed to all users.

Adrian Dorey, Telecoms Manager for Vanquis Bank, a Callmedia customer, said “We used the previous version of Callmedia to blend seamlessly between our inbound and outbound dialler, which made a big difference to our customer services and sales teams. Its open standards integration toolkits enabled us to CTI-enable our front-end systems and develop innovative solutions to everyday contact centre challenges. That’s we’re really excited about the new capabilities in Callmedia 5.0, particularly the new aspects around collaboration and assistance, which we hope will help drive customer satisfaction and agent productivity.”

Rufus Grig, Chief Technology Officer, Azzurri Communications, said “If you’re a UK based organisation with ambitions to deliver the best possible customer experience, to empower your agents and to provide your supervisors with unrivalled management information and insight, Callmedia 5.0 delivers on all fronts.”

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