Azzurri Launches ICON Communicate

Azzurri Communications has today announced the launch of ICON Communicate, the first in a series of ICON Cloud and Managed Services products launching throughout 2014. ICON Communicate is a fully managed suite of communications services incorporating IP telephony, unified communications and contact centre offerings delivered from the cloud. The City & Guilds Group has already signed up as a key part of its innovative strategy to outsource its IT and telecoms infrastructure, reduce risk and unburden their IT team.

Scaled for organisations with 250 – 5,000 users and building on a significant investment in its cloud infrastructure, Azzurri’s ICON Communicate brings affordable, enterprise-grade, hosted managed communications services to the midmarket. By combining the financial flexibility and hosted nature of the cloud, with the security and feature set of an on-premise IP PBX, it delivers the best of both worlds. The Azzurri Managed Service overlay then ensures the on-going service delivery with guaranteed availability.

ICON Communicate can be aligned to deliver against customers’ specific business objectives – whether it’s guaranteed uptime and dial tone, increased productivity or in-life evolution which enables IT departments to say “yes” to new features when business needs change.

Rufus Grig, CTO, Azzurri Communications comments: “Organisations are increasingly focused on the task of better aligning IT services to business function. But this is leaving CIOs battling to shift their already stretched resources away from ‘keeping the lights on’ towards more innovative projects which drive growth and competitive advantage. ICON Communicate provides a flexible, managed service which allows them to focus their energy and budget into delivering differentiation, while Azzurri worry about delivering a world-class communications solution.”

Commenting on the launch of ICON Communicate, Grig said, “The pace of change in the ICT market is leaving CIOs in a quandary. Unable to keep up with technology, many have adopted a strategy of ‘just enough’ investment to maintain the status quo and mitigate the risk of adopting new technology. But the risk of doing nothing is now much greater than the safety of a conservative strategy. Azzurri has removed the risk because CIOs aren’t investing in new communication technologies, but in an evolving service backed up by stringent SLAs. With ICON Communicate, we are delivering a portfolio of advanced, enterprise-grade services at a price the midmarket can afford.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine