Azzurri Launches New Managed Mobility Service

Azzurri Communications has today announced the launch of ICON Mobilise, the latest in a series of ICON Cloud and Managed Service products launching in 2014. ICON Mobilise is a new managed service that enables organisations to secure, manage and maximise the value of their mobile devices across complex, multi-device and OS mobile estates.

Enhancing workforce agility and productivity through the use of the latest mobile devices is a key focus for organisations. However, with a growing and fragmented array of platforms and devices to choose from (including iOS, Windows, Android, etc.), combined with the headaches brought about by Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD), organisations are faced with a significant challenge managing a growing number of mobile devices and applications.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is an increasingly critical tool. But organisations can quickly get bogged down in the trivial (but essential) details of different OS and device management platforms. And they often find the costs of infrastructure, maintenance, support and resources to keep up with a never-changing market are not sustainable. With ICON Mobilise, organisations are free to deploy the latest smartphones and tablets on whichever platforms they wish, with the complexities of the management of those devices handled by Azzurri for a cost effective monthly fee per device.

“With MDM outsourced to Azzurri with ICON Mobilise, organisations are free to keep pace with the latest advances in mobile technology without having to worry about interoperability, device management and data security,” comments Paul Fawcett, Product Manager, Mobility Solutions at Azzurri Communications. “ICON Mobilise enables businesses to embrace a device-independent strategy with a trusted, expert partner to remove the day-to-day management and support burden.”

As an independent provider, Azzurri has a portfolio of MDM solutions which can be deployed through ICON Mobilise to help our customers effectively manage and secure their mobile estates. Azzurri can identify and provide the best solution for each organisation to match their user, platform, technology and integration requirements, independent of the Mobile Network Provider or device type. ICON Mobilise is ideal for organisations that lack the internal expertise, budget or time to deploy and maintain a self-run MDM solution.

ICON Mobilise is scalable for anywhere from 50 – 10,000 mobile users and can be delivered completely from the Azzurri ICON cloud, part cloud/part on-premise or even totally on-premise as required. The service provides full management of the users, devices and associated policy and configuration profiles. ICON Mobilise can then be enhanced with options, for mobilisation of the corporate Intranet, enterprise web apps and secure access to enterprise content management systems. All of these service options can include an Azzurri helpdesk with support directly to the users.

Rufus Grig, CTO of Azzurri Communications explains, “Enterprise mobility has evolved far beyond the ability to simply read emails while on the train. It is now about how mobile computing can fundamentally improve productivity, customer engagement and employee satisfaction. It is about being just as productive outside of the office as inside, which means being able to access the same applications and data irrespective of where you are; be that writing a document on your office PC, reviewing a presentation on your smartphone or editing a proposal with a client on your tablet. ICON Mobilise enables organisations to deliver a truly productive, mobile workforce, whilst keeping control of critical corporate data and ensuring that security policies are properly enforced.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine