Azzurri Wins BYOX Award

Azzurri Communications’ enterprise mobility implementation for UCLH has won global industry analyst firm Ovum’s award for BYOD excellence in the Public Sector. Ovum’s “BYOX Strategy” awards, held in June 2013, assessed entrants on how well they met the specific challenges and requirements of their organisation in relation to BYOD against a number of criteria, including Employee Satisfaction and Engagement, Data Security, Technical Support, Reimbursement and TCO.

Adrian Drury, head of Ovum’s consumer impact on IT practice said: “UCLH’s entry is a classic best practice example of how exploiting personal device ownership has enabled a BYOD program to be the first step on a journey to the wider benefits of enterprise mobility, which in this case translates directly into better patient care.”

James Thomas, Director of ICT for UCLH, and recently ranked the UK’s number 1 CIO in CIO Magazine’s CIO100 list, explained how BYOD is making a difference to his organisation: “It will improve the speed of deployment of advanced mobility services, reduce costs by not having to buy additional devices, and reduce support services needed by supporting devices and services people are already using. Any service at UCLH that reduces costs, speeds up transactions, and improves clinical care has to be in the best interests of the Trust and its Patients.”

Ovum’s own research has found that corporate BYO activity remains steady, indicating it is not a passing fad. With 20% of employees bringing in their own devices and apps regardless of corporate approval, Ovum note that there has never been a more important time to put a strategy in place to manage it.

Rufus Grig, Chief Technology Officer, Azzurri Communications, explains: “The market is saturated with hype from vendors using BYOD as a scare tactic, to try to push customers into following a strategy that may well not be right for them. We take a step back from this and use our experience and a number of benchmarking tools to help customers define exactly what they want to achieve with enterprise mobility. With UCLH, a BYOD approach worked well for them in this scenario, but for many of our other customers, a CYOD (Choose Your Own Device) approach is by far a better fit.”

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