B2M launches mobile diagnostics and analysis for the enterprise

B2M Solutions, specialist in the transformation of the mobile enterprise, has announced the availability of Agentry Analytics, a mobile diagnostics and analysis package designed with B2M mprodigy technology.

The new package is designed to provide organisations with the intelligence for informing mobile decision making processes across the enterprise. This analytics offering puts mobile device diagnostics tools in the hands of IT support staff, while letting business managers see device and user behaviour metrics to replicate mobile best practices.

Agentry Analytics has been released as an add-on for the latest version of mobile enterprise solution provider Syclo’s Agentry platform, v. 5.2, released this autumn.

With Agentry, the first mobile platform available with embedded analytics, the new offering reflects B2M and Syclo’s thought leadership in driving technology investment in the mobile enterprise application space.

Agentry Analytics marks a major leap forward in the delivery of business process intelligence to the enterprise. To maximise mobile deployment investment, it comes with interactive systems performance design that shows detailed reporting features on hardware, network and device (including battery life) activity, and with B2M mprodigy intelligence aware of user tendencies with the on-board mobile application, support teams have business process analysis to view and troubleshoot technical issues and improve the functionality of the application.

This means that once handheld devices leave the office, users get real-time, 360° insight into the mobile enterprise architecture via the integration of key hardware performance metrics and user behaviour statistics with the on-board app.

“The real value of the Agentry Analytics package lies in its ability to empower administrators to take proactive approaches in not just the management, but the optimization of the mobile project,” said Julie Purves, CEO of B2M Solutions.

“By tracking critical aspects of the solution like battery performance, network performance and device utilisation, in correlation with user statistics that enable business process analysis, it introduces an improved way to make technology, configuration and procurement decisions in the mobile enterprise application space.”

With views into functional processes within the mobile application, Agentry Analytics lets users see how features are being utilised (or under-utilised) by the users.

A facilities maintenance organisation that deployed a mobile, real time inspections solution for field reporting, for example, can use Agentry Analytics’ process analysis to see how much time is actually spent within a single inspection, how often inspectors are cancelling out of these inspections before finishing, or whether their users get warning or error pop-up messages when using the app’s features for such things as form validation.

These enhanced capabilities allow administrators to track user behaviour and adoption with their mobile application architecture, and provide the insight to adjust to user tendencies (through additional training or application redesign) if necessary.

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