Back to Basics for Video Conferencing

Anne Snelson, Marketing Manager at datacom, an independent specialist in providing solutions for every aspect of audio, video and web conference networking, is advising resellers to go back to basics for video conferencing.

“You’ve installed the equipment and made a tidy profit on the business, but what are your chances of getting repeat business over the next few months? High? Medium? Low? Don’t know?

These days you’re missing a trick if you only look for one-off sales. Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to save money and demonstrate their environmental credibility – and video conferencing ticks the box on both of these. So if you’ve installed just a unit or two in a company, you should be asking yourself when you’ll be installing the rest.”

Snelson say this depends very much on a few further questions: “Is the company likely to get up and running over the next week or so with video conferencing? Is there a plan for staff to be trained in how to book and use the service? Have they got a dedicated room for video conferencing? Have they got the best network and systems to support the service? or Are they likely to get a pretty substandard conferencing experience or worse, affect their existing IT network whenever they use it?

If you can’t be 100% sure the answer is “yes” to the first four questions and “no” to the last one, you could be waiting some time for those next sales to come through.

So the next time you make a sale, why not try to tick off a few more of the boxes to make sure your new customer will be in a long-term relationship with you – and if you’d rather not manage the systems side of it yourself, why not find a partner who will?”

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