Backing for Cloud Services from Reseller

Birmingham telecommunications company, Interactive Telecoms is championing the rise of ‘cloud’ – based solutions, the latest innovation in the industry.

Last week, Microsoft UK CEO Steve Ballmer hailed as the technology as the next wave of innovation, but the ‘cloud’ movement has been met with cynicism by the public who are beginning to express concerns about reliability and security issues.

The Jewellery Quarter based firm is now urging the business community to embrace the technology, particularly Hosted VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) – an innovative network based service, which provides a wide range of hosted telephony features, such as web conferencing, call routing and logging of calls.

Neil Jelley, Sales Manager at Interactive Telecoms said “Cloud based solutions are a revolutionary form of communication. The benefits they present to a company are endless, and can hugely improve the ways of doing business.”

These benefits currently include increased flexibility, reliability and less need for capital expenditure – elements which are becoming increasingly important in the business community.

At a time when many businesses are looking for ways to cut back on expenditure, yet still expand in the future, investing in cloud based solutions such as Hosted VoIP is a sensible choice.

“Companies using Hosted VoIP are able to choose the features they will use, whereas a lot of in-house telephony systems offer a complete feature package, resulting in them paying for elements they will never use, and wasting their funds.

“These cloud based solutions are paid for by a monthly fee which is also a great help to those companies who do not want to outlay a large capital expenditure that comes with investing in a fixed, in-house telephony solution.”, adds Jelley.

Jelley fears that businesses are afraid to embrace these new technological innovations, but he confirmed that Hosted VoIP, as a cloud based solution, will actually prevent any further changes having to be made in the future.

“One of the benefits of Hosted VoIP is that it is a future proof solution. This may be the one change businesses have to make to their telecommunications infrastructure in a long time, thanks to the solution being held in a cloud based network which is adaptable to change to suit new technologies.

“It is not only future proof to external factors such as evolving technology, but also to the internal structure of the business it serves. It can serve a company with 10 employees one day, which grows to 100 employees over the next year, or expands with new office locations.”

Jelley believes it is this flexibility that will appeal to businesses, especially in a society where things are often subject to change.

“The business world has had a tough time of late due to the global recession, and many businesses are still unsure about which direction their future will take. Cloud based solutions adapt to the current state of your business, and eliminate the need for equipment upgrades, maintenance costs or changes to the infrastructure.”

The Birmingham telecoms expert believes organisations who do not invest in this evolving technology are missing out on what could be a shrewd business move.

“It is natural for the region’s businesses to be sceptical about a solution that seems so far removed from what they are familiar with, but now is the time to make the move and enjoy the benefits”.

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