Bandwidth hogs bought to book with ultra dense WiFi technology from Enterasys

Hogging bandwidth is the bane of WiFi users’ lives. Centres for business, leisure and sporting endeavour all suffer from bandwidth hogs. Whether it is a power-user using CAD files in your office or a next-door neighbour downloading the latest film from Netflix – we all suffer. Some attribute bandwidth hogs as a key factor in slowing the wider adoption of WiFi services, as a single ‘hogger’ can disrupt the service of over 100 other subscribers. In fact you could describe it as a legitimised form of a Denial of Service (DoS) attack.

However that is all set to change as bandwidth hoggers are bought to book following the launch of Enterasys identiFi.

identiFi is a brand new WiFi solution that can deliver high density WiFi that can double normal high definition video performance and support 2,000 Access Points (APs) with up to 32,000 users per controller.

identiFi solves issues associated with BYOD and seamless user experience in high density environments where bandwidth is often limited and service delivery is at best patchy, or at worst, unusable. It also addresses critical industry requirements including scalability, security and application performance to deliver near wired-like performance.

Especially effective in high density environments such as sports stadia, concert & exhibition venues or hotel lobbies, identiFi has already proved its worth following last month’s installation at the NFL team, the New England Patriots’ stadium, in Boston.

At the Gillette Stadium, 38,000 New England Patriot fans can access useable, real-time video, game stats and access to social networks, all within a WiFi density of 4,000 clients (fans) per acre. The Patriots were seeking a solution to support this hyper-dense environment in which thousands of fan-owned devices in a very small footprint required reliable, high-performance access to real-time multimedia streaming.

Pricing and Availability

Enterasys IdentiFi is currently available. Pricing starts at $595 (approx £399) for the entry-level 3705i access point.

“There were three key drivers behind our decision to remain with Enterasys for the upgrade to our Wireless solution (see pages 4 & 5) but overall for a spend of less than £40K we are now able to offer the College an enterprise level wireless solution with improved coverage, additional functionality and significantly improved resilience and fault monitoring”.

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