Banks do care!

Movidilo, a mobile marketing and customer self service solutions provider, has revealed that banks and mobile operators lead the way in mobile customer care and user experience.

In a new study, Movidilo found that banks and mobile operators are the most likely to invest in mobile self service solutions for their customers than other industries.

“The beauty of the mobile is its ability to make life easier for the customer,” explained Martin Gossling, vice president at Movidilo. “Multimedia mobile technology lets consumers access the key services they need via content delivered to their mobile phone and can take away the hassle of lengthy calls and online searches, which aren’t practical every time you need to top up your phone card or check your bank balance, for example.”

The insurance and utility sectors seem to be less aware than banks and mobile operators of the possibilities that adopting mobile customer experience tools offers to ensure customer satisfaction.

“In difficult times, the added extras such as a positive user experience make a big difference, especially in a dog eat dog world like insurance, where only the fittest will survive,” continued Gossling. “It seems these industries are failing to reap the mutual benefits of customer care and are no doubt suffering high churn rates. So the sooner they follow in the footsteps of the telecom and banking industries the better.

“Customer loyalty and retention have never been more important to businesses, yet surprisingly, so many underestimate the need to meet the customer’s individual needs and adapt to the changing pace of life through their most personal device, the mobile. Users expect the most for their money and it’s the job of the enterprise to deliver these services,” concluded Gossling. “By offering solutions that can tie into their daily mobile lives, you’re halfway there.”

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