Bardsley on the Treadmill

Oak Telecom’s Adam Bardsley and 11 others are attempting to break the 48-hour treadmill record.

“The current record is 376 miles and we are looking to push it to somewhere over 450 miles if all goes to plan. The hook is we’re planning on starting on the morning on 11th April thus finishing on 13th April in the morning. With me so far? Good.
Then it’s off to Blackheath to join the 34,988 other people who will be running the London Marathon with us on 13th April. We’re looking at doing it in the window of a branch of Sweatshop in London and have the backing of Runners World Magazine who are threatening live web-casts of the event.”

Bardsley continues, “The BBC is very interested to include it in their pre-race build up on the morning – hence the daft finishing time a couple of hours before the marathon starts.”

Adam is hoping to raise some serious cash for Tommy’s Baby Charity. It could all mushroom if we manage the final piece in the jigsaw. “We’re trying to encourage Ronnie O’Sullivan to take part – even if only for the first stint on the mill of an hour or so. He’s heavily into his running, takes part in quite a few races and is actually as fast as most of the others on the team. It’s looking 50:50 on that one at the moment.”

If you want to sponsor Adam and his team then he can be contacted on

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