BCH Digital Launch Pay-Tel

BCH Digital has announced the launch of Pay-Tel, the telephone payment solution that is fully compliant with PCI DSS 2 regulations. Using the telephone keypad to input data, Pay-Tel is designed to integrate seamlessly with CRM systems and without disruption to important call recording facilities and storage.

With credit and debit card fraud on the increase, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI), set up by the likes of Visa and American Express, requires that all retailers and businesses wishing to take payments over the phone must adhere to its strict regulations. Pay-Tel is designed to do just that; to protect the private information of payers and so reducing the risk of fraud and returned payments.

Available as a bolt-on with BCH’s number translation services such as One to One and One to Many, Pay-Tel meets with all 12 PCI compliance requirements regarding transactions and storage of data for debit and credit card payments made over the phone. Like all of BCH’s hosted solutions it can be set-up instantly and interacting seamlessly with a business’s CRM system makes the payment process simple for call-handlers to manage, plus with full accountability for each transaction it offers peace of mind for both the caller and business.

Using DTMF technology, Pay-Tel suppresses the tones entered from the caller, call-handler and any call recording equipment being used, the secure information is then passed directly through to the businesses CRM over a secure link either HTTPs or XML format (other formats are available on request). This process ensures a safe and secure transaction with only part of the data collected by the IVR and so no sensitive information is ever stored.

With fines of up to £300, 000 for non-compliance, the risk of losing a merchant account and possibly irreparable damage to a businesses reputation, Pay-Tel offers a cost-effective solution for PCI compliance that is simple for businesses of all sizes to set-up and use.

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