Be Increases Network Coverage by 15%

Be Un Limited, which is wholly-owned by O2, has announced today that over the next four months the network coverage will be increased by 15% of the UK population, providing ADSL2+ broadband to a further 2,000,000 lines. When this stage of the network expansion is complete the Be network will cover 67% of the UK population.

Between now and June, 400 exchanges will be unbundled bringing the total number to 1245, making this the most widespread ADSL2+ network in the country offering some of the fastest speeds to internet users.

”This is the next stage in our development at Be as we believe that reliable high speed broadband takes continual innovation and investment,” said Oli White, Head of Marketing at Be Un Limited. “These 400 new exchanges will mean that over 67% of the UK population will be able to experience faster speeds with ADSL2+. But it doesn’t stop there; we are already testing new technologies that will enhance not only the network but our speed.”

Since launching, Be has pushed the technological boundaries and provided members with great value, straight forward, reliable internet access at the fastest speeds the UK infrastructure can deliver.

”This is clearly great news for the discerning consumer. Be’s expansion into Northern Ireland and Wales will be particularly well received, as users there often have little choice between broadband providers,” said Sam Crawford, founder of a site dedicated to tracking the roll-out and progress of broadband across the UK.

ADSL2+ is the fastest broadband technology available over the telephone system in the UK. There are three key factors that have an effect on speed and they are a customer’s distance from the exchange, the copper line quality from the exchange to a customer’s home and the line noise or interference picked up by the telephone line. Determined by these factors with Be broadband you get the best chance of receiving broadband with speeds up 24Mbps.

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