Benefits of Preventative Maintenance for UPS

With more and more companies relying on an Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) to deliver continuous power without any disruption to their business, Eaton has published a white paper that explores how preventative maintenance can maximise UPS reliability. Entitled ‘The Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Service Plan for your UPS’, the white paper examines the various threats that can lead to a UPS failure and addresses the specific ways in which a preventative maintenance plan can dramatically minimise those risks. The paper can be downloaded from the Technology & Applications page on the company’s website (

Using a preventative maintenance service plan for UPS, Eaton’s white paper maintains, is similar to carrying out routine repairs and inspections on a car. Scheduled maintenance is recommended by car manufacturers because the findings can help detect a wide range of engine problems, for example, before they become serious. Similarly, preventative maintenance can help maximise UPS reliability by enabling companies to detect and repair potential issues before they become serious and therefore minimise the risk of unplanned and expensive downtime.

Based on data collected from its service organisation and findings on downtime compiled by industry experts, Eaton’s white paper firstly explores the issues surrounding downtime and examines how prevalent it is and what the consequences can be for business owners. The paper then goes on to outline the most common causes of UPS failures, such as bad batteries and fan breakdowns, through to other malfunction-inducing factors like lightning damage and sticking or welding relays. For each issue presented, the paper explains exactly how preventative maintenance can be used to protect against failures caused by these problems. Finally the paper demonstrates the Return on Investment (ROI) that a business can expect when implementing a preventative maintenance plan and also explores the type of maintenance packages available and how to choose the most appropriate one.

The paper concludes that, an effective preventative maintenance strategy can be one of the most cost-effective measures a business can take to ensure the on-going health of both its critical equipment and its overall business. It also concludes that because regular maintenance practices dramatically improve UPS reliability and performance, while avoiding downtime, preventative maintenance is an essential component of an end-to-end solution to keep a company’s critical networks operating at peak performance in the face of multiple threats.

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