Best Practice for Installing Communications in Vehicles

The Federation of Communication Services (FCS) has announced a review of the ‘installers’ bible’, FCS1362, the code of practice which documents best practice for the installation of communications equipment into vehicles. The code of practice was last reviewed in 2007/8 under its previous name of MPT1362.

The review, chaired by Tim Cull of Telecom Policy Services Ltd, will kick off with a plenary meeting in April and the process is expected to be completed with publication of the revised standard towards the end of the year.

Commenting on the announcement, John Thomson, chairman of the FCS Mobile Equipment Installers Group said, “We are conscious that vehicles of all types (cars, vans and lorries) are being fitted with an ever increasing variety of devices which use wireless technology. We are particularly keen to ensure that new application areas such as mobile data and intelligent vehicle systems are fully addressed by the code.

“Industry best practice has to recognise not only the rapid pace of change in wireless devices, accessories and vehicle design but also an increasing specialisation and convergence of technologies for users such as blue light and public service fleets. We have initiated this review to address both of these issues, to ensure that we reflect changing requirements and communicate them across the installation and product communities.

“The Mobile Equipment Installers Group are pleased that Tim Cull has agreed to chair the review committee. Tim has considerable experience in the radio communications industry, having previously worked for Motorola and served on a number of relevant technical committees.

Tim Cull added, “FCS1362 is the pre-eminent guidance document for vehicle installers in the UK and has also been adopted by organisations in other countries. It is therefore, an important document that must be fully maintained to keep it in line with industry advancements. The 2010 review will examine the guidance to ensure it reflects state-of-the-art technology and particularly the rise in the installation of digital and data apparatus. As chairman, I shall also be seeking to ensure that the “ease of use” of the document, which is one of its key advantages, is maximised.”

FCS is keen to ensure that all stakeholders take part in the review and is inviting representatives from installers, fleet managers, vehicle, accessories and mobile equipment manufacturers and other industry experts to participate in this review.

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