Big Data Comes of Age

Tektronix Communications today announced its collaboration with the TM Forum and Charter Sponsor, China Mobile, to deliver a comprehensive set of new best practices for the telecoms industry, covering big data analytics implementation.

Tektronix Communications has been co-leading the TM Forum project group since January 2013 to publish a report containing new best practices and guidelines to help carriers worldwide define and refine their big data analytics offering.

Part of TM Forum’s latest release of Frameworx 13, the report contains two main sections: The Reference Model, illustrating the roadmap and processes operators require to deal with big data analytics. This is effectively a detailed ‘how to guide’, describing the tools and functionality required to put together a big data stack inside the network.

The second section contains a detailed set of business use cases, showing operators a variety of methods for extracting value from big data, covering all dimensions of the business from product offering through to fulfilment, assurance and monitoring to billing and subscriptions.

Commenting on the Big Data best practices project, Tektronix Communications CTO, Manuel Stopnicki said today: “Big Data has been something of an industry buzzword now for several years. However, the new best practices in Frameworx 13 and the report we have been working on with TM Forum provide comprehensive guidance for all operators on how to define from scratch, or refine their existing big data initiatives.

“Relying heavily on our end-to-end, 4 dimensional approach, we have ensured that the report covers all areas of an operators business that will be able to deliver real life value from big data, and if implemented correctly, with a view to monetization and optimization, we believe that the value of big data can be immense.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine

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