Billing Solutions Need to Be Inclusive say Daisy

Tim Sayer, Managed Billing Director at Daisy Wholesale says that as an aggregator, Daisy understands the importance of allowing resellers to sell and to bill whatever they require.

“Fixed line revenues are being substituted for mobile, line rental and broadband products and these require different types of calculations to be made within the billing engine. As a result the traditional call rating engine has become far more sophisticated so that one off, recurring and bundled charges can be calculated and charged. Our system also fully integrates with the market leading WLR3 management portal from Strategic Imperatives, but will just as easily bill line rental products provided by any other supplier including Daisy Wholesale.

By supporting these types of charges, the billing system is opening up opportunities for resellers to sell a broader product portfolio to new customers and to cross sell different products into existing ones. By putting all products into a clear, concise ‘one bill’ for the end user, the reseller is creating ‘sticky’ and happy customers who get quality products and support that they could not get from a network.

Above all, a flexible billing system, such as Daisy Wholesale’s, allows resellers to be creative. I have seen lots of attempts to copy packages being offered by the networks and of course a good system will allow you to do that. But being different, creating your own product bundles and commercial models is what makes successful resellers stand out from the crowd.

Using the bill as a marketing tool is also often overlooked. We provide the ability for additional marketing messages or colourful, graphical adverts to be added to the bills during creation. At many smaller businesses a bill could pass across the desks of numerous people, including an ops person who might sign off the usage, an accountant who will write the cheque, and the managing director who would sign the cheque. A colourful advert strategically placed on the first page can alert these people to new products that they never knew the reseller sold. It’s incredibly simple but effective.” Await ok

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