Birdstep SafeMove Enables Secure Mobile Access to Network Services with Cisco

Birdstep Technology, provider of secure and seamless wireless connectivity, announced today that the technologies incorporated in SafeMove’s seamless roaming solutions are broadly supported in enterprise and mobile operator networks and supported in Cisco’s network routing solutions. SafeMove server could run on Cisco’s UCS Servers and UCS Express running in ISR G2’s with SRE Blades. Further SafeMove clients for smart devices are validated with Cisco IOS Mobile IP.

Based upon broadly adopted industry standards (Mobile IP and IPSec), SafeMove Client establishes and maintains network connections on multiple device platforms with the minimum of effort so users enjoy a fully productive, LAN-like experience wherever their work takes them.

“Mobile connectivity has progressed from a former luxury to today’s business necessity. Demand for remote access to network services has rapidly shifted to a need for continuous, seamless, and secure access to these services,” said Anders Harrysson, CEO and president of Birdstep. Birdstep SafeMove provides the ideal framework to deliver highly secure network services to mobile workers anytime and anywhere.”

“Access via laptops, smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices is dramatically increasing worker productivity and now keeps businesses operating around the clock,” said Parag Thakore, Product Manager at Cisco. “The physical server consolidation opportunity offered by the SRE-V, the right-size hardware profile provided by the SRE blades combined with Birdstep Safe-Move server —all integrated and housed under a single chassis—makes an ideal all-in-one solution for companies looking for rich collection of industry standard connectivity and seamless roaming services.

“We look forward to enabling this service, leveraging UCS and UCS express based solutions along with other various Cisco based infrastructure solutions in a VCE, FlexPod and vBlock based data center environment.” Said Greg Wilburn, Senior Consulting Systems Engineer, Presidio.

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