Bittel Announces UNO, a New Communications and Entertainment Platform

Bittel Electronics has unveiled its new UNO product line, which combines – for the first time ever in the hospitality industry – a full-featured hotel room phone, an alarm clock/radio, and an iPod/iPhone/mp3 player audio interface. The new product line is designed to allow hoteliers in all segments of the industry to reduce the number of devices they purchase and deploy in guest rooms, as well as provide a significantly updated and contemporary design aesthetic.

Bittel UNO is designed for hoteliers who are looking for ways to reduce costs, while continuing to enhance guest experiences through the use of innovative technologies. UNO enables cost cutting initiatives by allowing hoteliers to reduce the number of guest room devices they must deploy. As UNO combines a full-featured hotel room phone with an alarm clock/radio and audio player interface, hoteliers can replace two devices with one: UNO.

Breaking new ground in the industrial design of hotel room communications and audio devices, UNO looks unlike any other product that has preceded it. Featuring a sleek, high-tech appearance, UNO is designed to complement other guest room electronics, such as flat-screen televisions, entertainment and environmental control panels, and similar devices.

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