BlackBerry users get fit

Mobile fitness tech start up, Withings, has announced its partnership with Gym Technik, a fitness website that allows users to configure and optimise their workouts online, allowing them to use their smartphones to track workouts while at the gym.

The Withings WiFi Body Scale can update a Gym Technik member’s profile automatically by using its built-in WiFi connection. Also, this partnership marks the first time a BlackBerry user can gather information from their Withings Scale directly on a dedicated RIM smartphone application, Gym Technik’s NextGen app.

“By partnering with Gym Technik, we’ve been able to bring the Withings scale’s features to all our customers that use RIM Smartphones,” said Cedric Hutchings, Withings general manager. “The scale’s ability to keep its users apprised of their stats at all times is one of the principal benefits of the scale. This collaboration opens our product to RIM users worldwide.”

Gym Technik’s NextGen Blackberry app allows over 45,000 members to take their workouts and music to the gym in one device. They’ve created a workout partner for those serious about their fitness routines.

Members receive workout guidance, the ability to pre-plan their routines and schedule workouts in advance, and they’re able to graph and track performance by exercise or body stats to gauge progress.

The annual premium subscription to Gym Technik is Euro 36 year.

“Gym Technik members can now easily keep track of their body stats by automatically sending data from the Withings scale to their Gym Technik account,” said Sharad Mohan, CEO Gym Technik. “With Withings at the forefront of fitness technology, and Gym Technik’s award winning fitness app for the BlackBerry Smartphone, this was a natural partnership in the making.”

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