Bluetab Solutions Launches UK Telco Services

Bluetab Solutions, a leading European technical and business consulting company, has today launched a new UK offering to provide bespoke billing solutions tailored to the needs of specialist telecoms operators.

Bluetab Solutions believes that operators which offer business-to-business services, or that are regional players, are often not getting access to high-quality billing and settlement solutions capable of supporting the complex, real-time scenarios typically encountered in the telecoms environment. Bluetab Solution’s recent research suggests that these smaller operators resent overpriced and cumbersome legacy software from the larger vendors, and particularly dislike being locked-in to expensive maintenance contracts.

Matthew Goodsall, Director at Bluetab Solutions, said: “We believe that the UK’s new telecoms entrants are not being given the opportunity to use technology intelligently to automate their key business processes. Yet in terms of billing and settlement, the issues they face are often no less challenging than those of the Tier One operators. Bluetab offers an on-demand, pay-as-you-grow approach to delivering business support systems and our tenure is based on the quality of our work rather than restrictive client lock-in arrangements.”

Bluetab Solutions is already working with a number of telecoms players including FON, the world’s largest WiFi community. The company delivered a complete real-time billing and settlement solution in just three months and the system is currently live, supporting FON’s rapidly expanding global network of wireless access points.

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