BMI Publications chooses ramsac for IT provision

IT solutions consultancy ramsac has announced it is providing a full IT outsourcing service to BMI Publications, a leading publisher of both print and online titles (including magazines, destination guides, supplements, newsletters and show guides) for the travel industry.

Martin Steady, Managing Director at BMI Publications commented on the announcement, “As an SME with 30 members of staff we have the classic situation of needing a well-organised and proactive IT support team, whilst not being able to justify the expense and logistical headache of running it in-house. ramsac gives us the peace of mind that we can continue to grow our business, safe in the knowledge that our IT infrastructure will be able to meet our growing demands.”

Making sure BMI Publication’s IT systems are resilient and reliable was the key consideration, as Robert May, Managing Director at ramsac comments, “When we conducted an IT review, the directors at BMI Publications were concerned about the possibility of down-time due to potentially unforeseen systems failures. As a result of consultation with the team, we have implemented instant failover for the email server to ensure crucial services remain uninterrupted and are instantly updated. We now make regular visits to inspect the network systems and have dialogue with the members of the team to resolve any issues or needs that arise.”

As well as the core business IT systems, a crucial aspect of BMI Publications’ IT is its web servers, which are hosted in-house and therefore require the same level of support as the rest of the company’s systems. ramsac is supporting the web development team and the server infrastructure with 24/7 monitoring, which ensures that crucial web-based services are constantly maintained and a reliable service is ensured, even outside standard working hours.

ramsac’s work with BMI Publications involves not only the current IT needs but also looking towards the next phases of the company’s development and future needs, helping it make ongoing business plans, as Steady concludes, “ramsac totally understands our business as well as our IT needs, and their professional courtesy is second to none. We run a very active company and need simple, jargon-free advice and guidance on our IT needs. ramsac is working directly with us and our business to determine exactly what is needed and providing a reliable environment for our core functions to flourish. The solutions offered are tailored for us, rather than generic ones, and ramsac is proactive in anticipating upcoming opportunities and potential issues, then effectively communicating them to us.”

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