Bonifay and Genna Re-elected For MVNO Europe

Jacques Bonifay (Transatel) has been re-elected President of MVNO Europe while Innocenzo Genna (PosteMobile) has also been re-elected as Vice-President for 2017.

Together, they will continue to work towards establishing a sound regulatory framework to ensure fair market access conditions for MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators), particularly important in the context of the increasing growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) market and the ongoing review of the Telecoms regulatory framework by European legislators.

Jacques Bonifay, founder and CEO of the French MVNO Transatel, has been driving the association forward since its creation in 2012. His strong involvement in the telecommunications and IoT sectors as well as his considerable experience abroad are real assets in dealing with European decision makers. Jacques Bonifay, President of MVNO Europe, declared: “MVNOs have always been the most innovative players in the mobile space. The Internet of Things is taking this to an even higher level. It is crucial for Europe to have large IoT MVNOs that can freely develop their innovation across all of Europe. Europe is the domestic market for European IoT MVNOs and is the minimal platform upon which to build economy of scale for worldwide expansion.”

Innocenzo Genna, currently at PosteMobile, has in-depth experience in working within the EU decision-making environment, as an expert of European regulation and policies in the areas of telecommunications and ICT. With his insight, he will work towards creating a legislative environment that encourages fair competition for all mobile communication providers in the European market. “A pro-competitive regulatory framework is a key element for an innovative and pan European mobile market which could meet the expectations of consumers and businesses as well as the ambition for a European Single Market”, enthuses Innocenzo Genna, Vice President of MVNO Europe.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine