Bonner Races to Clinch Bureau

Pinnacle Telecom Plc; has successfully completed the acquisition of The Bureau of Communications, a Coventry based mobile phone solutions specialist, concentrating on companies within the SME market.

“This is a great addition to the Pinnacle portfolio,” said Alan Bonner MD of Pinnacle Plc “it allows us to offer a method of managing business mobile phone services and offer free communications between company landlines and company mobiles. As we all know, mobile phone services are a major cost centre to many businesses and are increasingly becoming an integrated part of the business communications; typically landline to mobile calls comprise 45% of the fixed line costs. Whereas mobile to landline calls have escalated 5 fold in the last 2 years.

The acquisition of The Bureau of Communications and in particular Ian Winter the founder, who now becomes Director of Mobile Services, means Pinnacle can now give specialist practical assistance to reduce mobile costs to new and existing customers.”

Ian Winter commented “We are looking at needs such as mobile e mail/ e-mail on the move, hands free systems, as many companies are still using phones illegally and ultimately we are looking at continued savings for the customer.” He added “It is amazing how many clients have been over billed by the networks in some instances for up to five years before we have been invited in and noticed errors or opportunities to cut costs.

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