Boomcomms debuts two way comms management solutions

Boomcomms has announced the launch of Boomerang, offering a range of new communications services and web-based products which can be used to automate database workflow via SMS communications.

At the heart of Boomerang is patent-pending technology, centred upon a two way message management function which ensures SMS and email responses are linked back to the unique database record, triggering the next database action based on the recipient’s reply. This innovative resource furthermore provides a comprehensive audit trail, detailed reporting, ensuring compliance and generating quantifiable time and cost savings for businesses of any size across multiple sectors.

Peter Tanner, managing director of Boomcomms, commented: “The appeal of Boomerang lies in the simple way by which it addresses a complex problem; how to allow an organisation to fully automate its relationships with customers and staff where simple questions need answering, updates are requested or communication is required. The unique technology facilitates entire text-based exchanges to be conducted automatically between a database and the recipient ensuring that each response is linked back to the original outgoing message. This empowers a database to manage both the communications and subsequent actions, effectively transforming a normal mobile handset into an extension of any business database without having to change any equipment or invest in any staff or customer training.”

Recent research across multiple market sectors revealed that consumers and corporate professionals alike prefer to be contacted by text over a phone call or email, and will react far more quickly to an SMS with an estimated two trillion text messages being sent in 2008. Research also demonstrates that advertising and marketing campaigns managed by SMS generated an average response rate of 70%, ahead of survey responses of 42% and 30% to email. Linking this popularity of the medium with the ability to generate key actions automatically offers business owners a unique and dynamic method of communicating with staff or customers.

Until now, implementing an effective two-way texting system has been stalled by the lack of technology with the facility to manage multiple outgoing messages to the same recipient. Tanner explained: “It’s not possible for a database to recognise the order by which messages are returned from the recipient, and as such, is ultimately flawed.”

Tanner continued: “Boomerang addresses this problem and presents business managers with an extremely simple, fully auditable and cost effective means of communicating with multiple recipients simultaneously by two way text. Boomerang goes one step further too, by allowing business managers to generate automated actions from those received messages saving enormous amounts of resource expenditure.”

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