Borri launches new range of uninterruptible power supplies

European uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufacturer, Borri has added two exciting new compact UPS solutions to its impressive range. The new models are aimed at providing back-up power to CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware, security, and sensitive applications where pure power is required.

The cutting-edge models are compactly designed in order to fit in and around workspace areas, are highly reliable and ultra-efficient, thanks to the incorporation, by Borri’s engineers, of the latest developments in UPS advances, ensuring effective and high quality protection for all connected devices.

The first of these highly affordable models is the B60, a 800VA – 2000VA unit, which combines advanced digital Line Interactive (VI) technology with a pseudo sinewave output. This particular form of simulated sinewave makes the B60 ideal for smaller but critical power back-up situations such as CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware applications and small PC workstations.

Completing the line-up is the B200, a 1000VA – 2000VA UPS which has the same multifunctional features as the B60, but also includes a digitised PWM-based controller, which provides a pure sinewave output, making it suitable for highly sensitive electrical and electronic items.

Both of these high efficient UPS solutions from Borri include automatic voltage regulators (AVRs) as standard and can safeguard against voltage fluctuations of up to 30 percent from normal. This ability to regulate a precise output voltage without switching to battery power not only extends battery life, but ensures optimum runtime should the mains power fail completely.

Borri’s B60 and B200 UPS solutions have been manufactured to provide the highest levels of protection and combine separate IEC power outlets for surge suppression with supporting RJ11 and RJ45 filtering for telephone, modem and router lines.

For efficient and easy to use analysis, both models come with in-built LCD screens to display connected load and battery charge levels, input and output voltages and fault or overload warnings.

Users also benefit from the free, advanced, download of intelligent shutdown and monitoring software, which allows them to communicate with the UPS directly from any computer via its USB port.

This intuitive software, which is compatible with most operating systems, also enables automated UPS start-up and shut-down programming, data and history logging and email messaging.

Supported by sophisticated advances in technology, Borri’s two new UPS solutions have been designed to deliver impressive efficiency, without any compromise on protection levels.

The B60 and B200, like all of Borri’s UPS solutions, are made to the highest manufacturing standards and incorporate superior engineering. All equipment is rigorously tested and quality control inspected prior to despatch, to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

In addition to being the sole UK distributor for all of Borri S.p.A. UPS systems, the company is also renowned for its exceptional 24/7 maintenance and service support for all makes of UPS, generators and air-conditioning units.

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