Borri offers 5% money back guarantee if not in stock

Now being present directly in the UK and with the addition of Mr. Fausto Beoni (Managing Director for Borri Italy) onto the local board of directors, Borri UK have experienced unprecedented growth in their commercial UPS business. An ingredient to success has been the promotion of Borri’s outstanding history of seventy five years as a genuine European UPS manufacturer, this added to its UK acquisition, which includes in excess of fifty staff, warehousing and a national service capability has only served to further enhance client confidence.

The largest growth has been seen in ECO friendly three phase UPS primarily sold to data centers, industry and hospitals, these being the main growth areas and the most attracted by the benefits of high efficiency uninterruptible power supplies, thus demand for 10kVA to 400kVA UPS has been relentless. Borri’s Operations Director, Ian Tucker, has noted a very profound change in how three phase UPS are now being bought, “with single phase machines clients would place an order with the expectation that the item would be dispatched the same or following day, a similar expectation is now being seen with three phase products, it has been known for a client to phone in at 9am and collect a 100kVA at 3pm on the same day! Thankfully, because of testing procedures and physical logistics this is not a regular occurrence, but what is becoming regular is that our clients want to place a three phase UPS order and receive it within just a few days!”

To meet these new demands for ever shorter delivery times Borri has acquired additional land to further enlarge its distribution and UPS service centre located in central England, but even before this goes ahead three phase UPS stock is being substantially increased. Borri SPA, the UK’s parent company, are investing not just in property but in the fundamental need to fund larger stocks to meet the increasing needs of its clients, so confident is Borri UK that should it fail to deliver any three phase UPS from 10kVA to 160kVA, within seven working days, they will give a five percent discount! This money back guarantee, added to the recently introduced three year warranty on all three phase UPS up to 800kVA, continues to make Borri a leader in customer care and service. (Please note that Terms and Conditions apply)

Not to be forgotten is the wide range of single phase UPS available from the Borri manufacturing group, ranging from 500VA to 20kVA, all machines are supported by Borri customer care and underpinned by seventy five years of continuous trading.

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