Brand-Rex 10GPlus Zone Cable is ready for 10GBASE-T

A new ultra high performance Augmented Category 6 (AC6) cable from Brand-Rex is designed to future proof networks for the emerging, higher speed protocols of tomorrow, such as 10GBASE-T.

Forming part of Brand-Rex’s new 10GPlus System of cabling and connectivity, the 10GPlus Zone cable is fully backwards compatible with all Cat6 (Class E) and Cat5e (Class D) products.

The 10GPlus Zone cable provides high bandwidth performance for use in horizontal wiring in structured cabling installations, in data centres and storage area networks (SANs), and in shorter length backbones.

The new cable has been specifically designed for use in the most challenging Data Centre environments. It is smaller and 30% lighter than conventional cables, and makes possible a 100% increase in the number of cables per cable tray. The 10GPlus Zone cable is also more flexible and easier to install, and is suitable for channel lengths up to 70m.

For cable intended to support 10GBASE-T applications, it is vital that it is not affected by ‘alien’ crosstalk – noise picked up from adjacent cables in tightly packed spaces and pathways. The 10GPlus Zone cable combines an industry-leading level of transmission with exceptional screening technology, which eliminates alien crosstalk problems and provides optimal protection against any forms of electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Thanks to its screening, the cable also easily passes the performance requirements stipulated in all relevant standards, when tested according to typical criteria such as NEXT, PSNEXT, ELFEXT etc.

The 10GPlus Zone cable is one element in Brand-Rex’s 10GPLUS Cabling System, in which performance is guaranteed to meet ClassEA Channel limits, when 10GPLUS cables are used as part of the 10GPLUS installation.

Low Smoke, Zero Halogen (LSOH) cable jacket material is used as standard, and the Brand-Rex warranty is available when it forms part of a 10GPLUS installation.

As well as supporting 10GBASE-T the 10GPlus Zone cable provides the perfect foundation for building high performance, reliable LANs for transmission of Class A, B, C, D and E protocols, as currently defined in ISO 11801 and EN 50173. Other applications supported include voice, broadband video and PoE.

The advantages of the new cable are best illustrated by highlighting some of its characteristics:

It is a ClassEA performance product with an OD of 5.4mm, making it the smallest (and also the lightest cable) on the market with such a high specification. There are clear advantages to the installer and operator of cabling systems, e.g. in saving space in pathways and spaces and reducing the loads in trays and racks.

The screening provides peace of mind to installer, specifier and end user alike because the risks of disturbance of transmissions on the cable from other cables (alien crosstalk) or from the environment (Electro-Magnetic Interference) are removed.
There are other less obvious advantages which benefit system operations, such as the exceptionally low skew in transmissions between the pairs (a few ns only) which reduces pixel shift in RGB technologies.

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