Brand-Rex Colour’s up Port Identification

A new 19in Snap-In-Jack Patch Panel from Brand-Rex provides removable coloured inserts for easy and accurate individual port/service identification.

The Snap-in-Jack Patch Panel accommodates 24 ports within a 1U configuration and is designed and supplied with a detachable rear cable management bar. This bar improves the reliability of the terminations and controls the routing of higher data rate cabling.

The product is delivered with 24 black inserts already loaded into the panel as standard, while optional interchangeable coloured inserts are available for purchase separately in a range of five additional colours to facilitate easy circuit or service identification.

The new Snap-in-Jack Patch Panel and cable manager are supplied boxed together with assembly instructions. The optional coloured inserts are available in red, white, blue, green and yellow, and are supplied in bags containing eight inserts of each colour. The minimum order quantity is 10 bags of any mix of colours.

The product is compatible with all standard 19in racks and cabinets, and accommodates all Brand-Rex screened and unscreened snap-in-jacks, including the new range of Augmented Category 6 compliant RJ45 snap-in-jacks. These include the truly tool-free jack that can cut cable termination times to as little as 22 seconds.

Other compatible Brand-Rex jacks include the Cat6Plus and the GigaPlus units, in both shielded and unshielded versions.

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