Brand-Rex Increase Density for Fibre Management

Brand-Rex has introduced a new range of FibrePlus 1U 19” Optical Patch Panels designed not only to significantly increase fibre density but also to optimise the internal management of fibre.

The FibrePlus Patch Panels provide a high density of fibre optic connections per U of space – up to 72 fibres per U – making them ideally suited for use in today’s crowded Data Centre environments or telecoms rooms.

Overall, the FibrePlus Patch Panel range offers a flexible and highly versatile solution for optical splicing and patching. The panels’ shallow depth (only 235mm) allows them to be installed within the majority of standard racks and wall mounted enclosures.

Also available is the option of having integrated cable management on the front face, removing the need for horizontal cable managers and increasing utilisation of rack space.

Further, the panels’ integrated design features ensure that even once installed, they can be readily reconfigured to accommodate the changing needs of today’s high speed networks.

A smooth action sliding tray with quick release fastenings provides easy access to the fibre management area. Adjustable mounting brackets aids installation within the shallow enclosures, and the rear of the panel is designed with a range of apertures to accommodate a variety of gland configurations (they are compatible with Blolite ducting systems).

The purpose designed panel base allows for customised fibre management and additional anchoring points for incoming cables or ducts.

Front panel configuration options include simplex ST, SC or FC-PC, and Duplex SC, Duplex LC or MT-RJ, and the front face of the panel includes a port identification strip.

Panels are available unloaded or part loaded with adaptors and are supplied with the new cable management systems and glanding options. The panels come in high quality, grey or black painted finish.

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