Brand-Rex on the Right Angle

Cable manufacturer Brand-Rex say they have re-written the rules on cable design with the launch of one of the most individual, innovative and advanced networking cables currently available. The cable, which adopts the three-sided shape of a ‘reuleaux’ triangle, is designed to offer technically-superior transmission performance for future high speed networks, but is also unique among the thousands of ordinary ‘circular’ profile cables currently available.

Launched as part of Brand-Rex’s complete 10 Gigabit Ethernet cabling system solution, ‘10GPlus’, the shape was chosen to minimise the cable’s diameter whilst fully addressing the issues of ‘alien cross-talk’ (AXT) that have been the weak point for many other systems launched into the market. AXT refers to the presence of performance-reducing electrical interference between cables – an issue magnified by the higher frequency spectrum over which 10Gb Ethernet will operate.

The result of over 4000 man-hours of R&D and seven new patent applications, Brand-Rex’s new reuleaux-shaped 10GPlus UTP cable creates the maximum effective spacing between adjacent cables, while maintaining a small, lightweight and highly flexible construction, enabling maximum performance to be maintained when cables are grouped together in ‘real life’ network installations.

“If corporate IT applications are to be delivered using the new 10GBASE-T protocol, they will require phenomenal processing power,” commented Brand-Rex Business & Marketing Director, Ian Wilkie. “This significant investment is pointless unless it can be supported by an equally sophisticated cabling system and it is therefore vital that customers are able to trust the integrity and capability of their chosen 10 Gigabit Ethernet system. Businesses must remember that the choices made today will impact business application performance for years to come,” he said.

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