Breitling Watch Winner

£20,000 of Breitling Skyracer Automatic Chronographs are to be won with Midland Distribution and Everything Everywhere during July, August and September – Every Midland Distribution customer can join in, everyone has a chance to win.

Peter Liley, sales manager for Midland Distribution, presented the first Breitling watch to Ian Stainthorpe, Managing director of VIP communications.

Stainthorpe thanked all of his staff for their efforts in winning and retaining connections onto the Orange and T- Mobile network, with 4 more Breitling watches still available to be won all of the staff at VIP are pulling out all of the stops to connect as many more Orange and T-Mobile connections as they can.

Peter Liley said that it has been a pleasure to work with everyone at VIP over the last 15 years that VIP has been a customer of Midland Distribution. Both the volume and quality of the connections have consistently been of the highest quality. He looks forward to many more years working successfully together in the future.

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