Brightstar Europe announces Credit Elevator programme

Brightstar Europe has announced that it is now offering the full Credit Elevator programme to its customers, enabling them to extend the credit that they have with the company from as little as £5000 to over £100,000 in manageable stages over the course of a year.

For the first time, mobile dealers will be able to access the full benefits of the scheme, which is operated in the UK by Computer 2000, the UK arm of Tech Data, and has already become a great success in the IT channel, where it has been used by hundreds of resellers as a simple way to take advantage of the company´s extensive financial resources. Brightstar Europe now plans to emulate this success by making the programme available to its customers.

Tanny Price, UK Managing Director of Brightstar Europe, stated: “The Credit Elevator gives smaller mobile dealers and retailers a very easy and accessible way to extend their credit in manageable stages and thus take advantage of the increase in demand that we are certain to see for smartphones and mobile data solutions as growth returns to the market. It is yet another example of how Brightstar Europe is innovating and going the extra mile to make a real difference for its partners and customers.

“With an impressive line-up of products, including the full ranges from RIM BlackBerry, Samsung and range, and innovations like the Credit Elevator, Brightstar Europe is setting new standards in mobile distribution. We have a growing presence in the UK, and with operations now expanding out to other countries across Europe, we have an increased presence and purchasing power. This means that we are better-placed than ever to deliver the products and services that dealers need in order to exploit all their opportunities.”

Under the Credit Elevator scheme, resellers can step the amount that is available for them to spend on their account each month in stages, simply by ensuring that they utilise 75 percent of their agreed credit line and make payments within agreed terms by direct debit. Providing they meet these conditions, their credit line will be increased automatically to the next level of the Credit Elevator. Credit lines start at £5000 and, after the first three months can be extended automatically to a higher level. The stages make it possible for the dealer to extend its credit line with Brightstar Europe to £100,000 over the course of a year.

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