Brit males prefer video games to passion

British men are turned on more by tech than their partners, according to a new study. Research from the UK’s specialist PS3 price comparison site, PS3 Price Compare, has found that one in three British men would prefer to play videogames than sleep with their partner, citing women as being ‘hard to please’. Altogether, 72% claimed they would give a night with the missus a miss to play a new game release.

In a study of 1,130 British men, of those in relationships, 32% said they would prefer to play videogames than sleep with their partner, with the reasons for this ranging from their ‘partner being hard to please’ through to ‘not as much fun’.

When asked ‘Which would you prefer; sex with your partner or an evening playing videogames?’ 32% of men said they’d prefer to sit down and play by themselves.

However, that number increased when the question changed to include ‘new videogames’, with 72% of men in relationships claiming they would forego a night of passion to spend an evening playing a newly released game.

Nearly a quarter of all respondents said that thought a night of passion is ‘not as much fun as a night playing videogames’. In response to the question, ‘If you were given £50, what would you be most likely to spend it on?’ the majority, 41%, said they’d spend it on ‘a videogame’, 19% said ‘clothes’ and just 3% said ‘bills’.

Mike Elsmore, developer of said: “I, like many other men, am an avid gamer, but even I find these results startling. I’m not sure my partner would appreciate me ignoring her for any old game… now, Resident Evil 5… that’s a different matter! My hope is that consumers will use PS3PriceCompare as the one stop shop for comparing all retailer’s prices online before making their choice as to console or their next game purchase, and given that there is so much difference in pricing and some great deals out there, I’m pretty sure that’s a possibility.”

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