Brits admit to using mobiles on the loo

An unhealthy 35% of Brits admit to using their phone while on the loo, according to a new survey.

The survey, carried out by which looked at the gadget habits of British people, has found that Brits often exhibit possessive, rude or downright peculiar behaviour when it comes to using their mobile phones and favourite gadgets.

Much like hotel heiress Paris Hilton, an estimated 730,000 of the UK’s population have chatted on their mobile while in the throes of passion with a lover. However, during sex and sitting on the loo are not the only strange and inappropriate places we as a nation use our phones; a macabre 2% even said they had chatted whilst attending a funeral.

Ross Burridge, editor of, commented: “We’re a nation that loves our gadgets and it seems we take our mobiles everywhere with us, even to the lavatory. It’s amazing to think that some people will even chat and text while in the throes of passion or at funerals. Our survey also revealed some even stranger places that people admitted using their mobiles, such as while having a filling, and even during a rectal examination.”

Ouch! Where do you use yours?

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