Brits consider legal action as result of dirty office equipment

Over half of Brits would consider taking legal action against an employer if they contracted a serious illness from dirty office equipment – a Doro survey released today reveals.

The survey, commissioned by innovative consumer electronics company Doro, found 31 percent of UK office workers blame dirty equipment for the spread of bugs and their time off work. Further, over half those surveyed are concerned about the germs they can catch from their office phones, keyboards and mice.

The findings – which also include the fact that over a third of UK office workers don’t know when their desk phone was last cleaned – coincide with the launch of a new telephony range which offers the first line of defence in the battle against the spread of workplace germs and superbugs.

The unique handsets, dubbed the Doro EasyClean range, will revolutionise many working environments over and above the standard office – from hospitals and dental surgeries to garage workshops, production plants, food preparation areas and even domestic kitchens – as they can help stop the spread of harmful diseases such as MRSA and E-Coli.

The two EasyClean phones – the aub200h and aub200h+sa – have been designed on the premise that many of the day-to-day bacteria we are exposed to live on our phones and settle in the multiple crevasses an average phone is built with. Doro has countered this by creating a surface which helps to suppress the growth of bacteria by incorporating protective barriers and fewer gaps into the design of the phones – making it that much easier to clean and keep clean.

Doro’s aub200h deters the spread and development of bacteria through a special flat membrane keypad and design which includes minimal gaps and a high-gloss, easily-cleanable surface. In addition a magnetic ‘hook switch’ further prevents the migration of germs by cutting out one of the key locations bacteria would traditionally reside – under the receiver hook.

The second phone in the range, Doro’s aub200h+sa, takes the EasyClean concept further by including a silver-based compound additive known as Polygiene®. Polygiene® offers antimicrobial protection which effectively suppresses bacterial (microbial) growth. It acts instantly and as it is built into the plastic it provides a permanent solution which is active 24 hours a day. Historically heralded for its medical properties, silver has been used throughout the ages with its benefits recognised long ago by the ‘Father of Medicine’ Hippocrates and Alexander the Great.

The aub200h+sa holds particular benefits against certain diseases and has been proven to be over 99.9 percent effective in destroying MRSA and E-Coli within 24 hours of contact. However Doro highlights these benefits should be seen as additional to the overall ‘EasyClean’ properties of the phone and the best line of defence still lies in regular cleaning.

“The release of the Doro EasyClean range is a direct response to the increasing fears around the transmission of disease and superbugs like MRSA and E-Coli,” says Doro UK MD Chris Millington.

“According to the NHS, the spread and development of multi-resistant bacteria is now costing the UK more than £1 billion a year for hospital-acquired infections alone and battling this has become a key focus for research throughout the country. The EasyClean range offers an everyday solution to assist in the battle against the spread of germs and for businesses can dramatically help to reduce the ever-prevalent spread of bacteria and disease throughout the workplace. Considering the everyday phone plays a huge role in the transmission of these germs, it’s a small price to pay to begin to protect family, friends and staff against the many diseases we are exposed to every day.”

Doro believes the company’s innovative research partnerships and design philosophy along with rigorous product testing has paid off, with a phone which will have a major impact not just in the UK but also Europe and other international markets.

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