Brits Working on Holiday

A survey by inflight connectivity provider, AeroMobile, has revealed that more than one in ten (11 per cent) British workers sends work emails every day on holiday.

The survey, carried out by OnePoll, showed almost one in five hard-working Brits (19 per cent) checks work emails at least once a week during their holiday. Only one in 25 (4 per cent) admitted to sending emails several times a day, suggesting that holidaymakers check in occasionally to ensure everything is running smoothly so they can enjoy a well-earned break, rather than working throughout their week off.

The research follows recent stats from AeroMobile that examined the mobile habits of holidaymakers abroad, compared to their at home usage; SMS was found to be the most popular mobile service used daily both at home (41 per cent) and abroad (26 per cent).

The results reflect the growing demand for people to stay connected all the time – whether home, abroad or even inflight.

“The British are known for being hard workers and, in today’s switched on society, it’s no surprise people need to stay connected even while away. With modern technology making it ever-easier to keep in touch, travellers stay connected when they choose to – even if they’re mid-flight and need to send an important work email from 30,000ft. This is reflected in the increasing number of users who are making the most of our inflight connectivity service,” said Jack Gordon, Director of Marketing and Business Development at AeroMobile.

AeroMobile provides technology that allows the safe use of passengers’ own mobile phones onboard aircraft. The service is currently available on airlines including Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic. The company has roaming agreements with more than 310 network operators across 140 countries including O2, Vodafone, AT&T and Etisalat.

The service is simple to use; passengers simply turn on their mobile device to connect to the network and are billed directly by their mobile operator. Prices are comparable to international roaming rates.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine