Broadband Bonding reduces the cost of high-speed Internet Access

VeloComms Limited have signed an agreement with Mushroom Networks., to bring its Broadband Bonding solutions to the United Kingdom. These solutions will enable VeloComms customers to enjoy high-speed connectivity to the Internet and between branch offices at a fraction of the cost of ‘traditional’ leased lines. Payback can be as little as six months.

‘By bonding between 2 and 12 broadband connections together, high speed connections can be cost effectively delivered throughout the UK. Bandwidth can be quickly and easily increased to provide the flexibility and scalability that businesses require. With the increased use of the Internet and cloud based services, IP voice and video the need for high-speed, cost effective bandwidth has never been more important,’ says Phil Davies, CEO VeloComms Ltd. ‘Our partnership with Mushroom Networks Inc. enables us to cost-effectively deliver the high-speed connectivity required by our customers’ VeloComms Ltd ( is a specialist broadband and data connectivity VAR and is delighted to be offering the ‘Truffle’ range of products from Mushroom Networks Inc. that enable the aggregation of lowcost, readily available broadband connections.

Individual ‘Truffle’ units can be utilised for high-speed access to the Internet and multiple units can be deployed between offices to create, cost effective, high-speed ‘point-to-point’ connections whilst also providing highspeed Internet access. Additional benefits include traffic prioritisation to ensure voice and video applications receive the bandwidth needed for optimum performance.

‘We are pleased to announce our partnership with VeloComms Limited, they are able to deliver high speed connectivity using readily available, low-cost broadband connections to their UK customers,” stated Cahit Akin, CEO of Mushroom Networks. “With more and more business critical services now reliant upon the Internet and the cloud, scalable, cost effective, readily available bandwidth has never been more important. VeloComms can deliver the products and services that businesses need to be efficient and remain competitive, we are very excited to be working with them.’

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