Broadband ISP Customers Rate Speed as Biggest Frustration

The results of our most recent survey are in and apparently the number one aspect of an ISP that causes the most frustration among consumers is speed with 41.5% of the vote. Customer support trailed some way behind on 19%, followed by general connectivity (10.6%), price (6.6%) and services (email, usenet etc.) on just 2.8%. Happily just over 19% had no frustrations with their ISP what so ever.

“Broadband speed and performance has been a considerable problem with broadband providers for sometime now,” commented Mark Jackson, Editor-in-Chief of “This issue will keep rearing its ugly head so long as ISPs continue to raise high consumer expectations through unrealistic marketing and confusion over headline rates. If a particular ISP has proven time and time again that it can not deliver the performance promised then it should not promote it in such a way as to suggest it can.”

Jackson concluded, “Recent efforts by Ofcom have gone a long way towards setting industry standards on how broadband speeds should be advertised, although these are only voluntary and could easily be flouted. It is our sincere hope that future next-generation fibre (FTTx) broadband services do not make the problem worse by promoting even higher rates while at the same time delivering something dramatically slower. Ofcom should seek to prevent this from happening before the situation arises and not after.”

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