BroadSoft Announces Hub To Integrate Cloud And Real Time Services

BroadSoft has announced the launch of BroadSoft Hub, a new enterprise-grade cloud service integrating real-time communications with cloud applications and contextual intelligence for more productive communications and greater mobility. Hub is powering the future of work by providing BroadSoft Business users with immediate access to relevant information for every conversation – wherever they are, on whatever device.

Workforce productivity suffers when the relationship between multiple business applications and real-time communications is disjointed. According to a 2014 Hubspot research report, an average of 31 hours per month is spent in unproductive meetings, with much of this time taken up searching through information scattered across locations, devices and applications. As a result, business processes and workflows often become fragmented, causing productivity to fall.

BroadSoft Hub provides users with a single unified experience, bringing together BroadSoft Business – UC-One, Team-One and CC-One – and cloud apps with contextual information, such as recent files, email, social media engagements, tasks and IM sessions, without opening or searching through additional applications. Hub satisfies the need for truly effortless communications and collaboration demanded by today’s workforce, enabling new levels of productivity and mobility through a unified user experience.

“By combining contextual intelligence with UC, BroadSoft Hub transforms communications into smart conversations. The new service increases productivity, optimizes process workflows and elevates the user experience,” said Scott Hoffpauir, chief technology officer, BroadSoft. “By placing the user at the heart of their integrated cloud applications, they have the tools ready to manage information overload and navigate through information effortlessly and instinctively.”

BroadSoft Hub has been inspired by the BroadSoft Project Tempo innovation initiative, its vision for the future of work, launched at BroadSoft Connections 2015. A successful beta program involving select BroadSoft service provider customers from around the world has supported the refinement of the BroadSoft Hub user experience. BroadSoft Hub will be available to all customers from March 2017.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine