BroadSoft Desktop Call Control

Hosted IP telephony platform vendor BroadSoft has announced enhanced capabilities to its BroadWorks Assistant-Enterprise Toolbar for users of Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer. The new BroadWorks Assistant-Enterprise 13.0 allows users to access advanced call control features within the Microsoft mail and browser programs, affording service providers additional tools to offer their customers.

BroadSoft say the application is suitable for corporate as well as SOHO users. The new call control capabilities give the BroadWorks user a pop-up notification when a call comes in, and enables the user to answer the call, place it on hold, send it to voice mail, or transfer it to another party, without leaving the Microsoft application. Additional highlights include click-to-dial capability from the Outlook contact directory and Internet Explorer Web pages, three-way conferencing and caller identification.

BroadSoft acquired the integrated desktop toolbar product as part of its acquisition of CarbonTwelve, a software and multimedia applications developer based in Sydney Australia, in September 2005. BroadSoft integrated the acquired company’s client software applications into the company’s BroadWorks VoIP client applications product line and has continued to enhance product functionality and expand its customer base.

“The BroadWorks Assistant-Enterprise 13.0 toolbar represents another milestone in our continuing effort to make advanced call features easier to use, to drive adoption of service providers’ enhanced VoIP service offerings,” said Scott Wharton, vice president of marketing for BroadSoft. “BroadSoft Assistant-Enterprise 13.0 is a valuable tool that packs a collection of convenient voice options into a small space and saves users valuable time. By enhancing our applications with such value-added functionality, BroadSoft is empowering service providers with a growing range of differentiated revenue-producing offerings for their customers.”

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