Broadsoft to Simplify and Streamline Service Delivery to Customers

IP telephony platform vendor BroadSoft has entered into agreements with a consortium of customer premises equipment and access equipment vendors to provide pre-integrated access solutions for hosted VoIP applications. BroadSoft has agreed to collaborate with Acme Packet; Cisco Systems, Inc.; Edgewater Networks; Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc.; Polycom and Siemens Communications, Inc. to build solutions that integrate equipment with hosted applications, to simplify and resolve the integration challenges service providers face when deploying new services.

As part of the program, BroadSoft and the participating companies will re-validate the solution each time one of the companies releases a new version of its product, affording service providers the advantage of transparent upgrades on future product releases. In addition, the participating companies will meet on a regular basis to coordinate product development and resolve potential integration issues.

“Access is key to any VoIP service deployment,” said Michael Tessler, president and CEO of BroadSoft. “BroadSoft and the participating companies are in an ideal position to address the access integration issues that service providers face when deploying new services. The Premier Access Solution Program is designed to enable service providers to respond quickly to the needs of a growing VoIP marketplace with pre-integrated access solutions.”

“This strategic program allows us to leverage the best products and industry relationships and go beyond interoperability to create true integration of access components,” added Tessler. “Our off-the-shelf, pre-integrated solutions will enable service providers to streamline their service deployments, speeding the time to market and ultimately leading to faster revenue generation.”

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