BT Criticised by Court for Failing Customers

British Telecom faced heavy criticism by a London Judge last week for failing its customers and not responding efficiently enough when it had power to do so.

In a terse judgment, BT were ordered to pay costs to Capital Fortune Mortgage Advisers and the national telecoms provider were held to be in clear breach of contract.

The battle began some 10 days ago when BT engineers mistakenly cut off the mortgage brokers internet connection at its London based service centre. The action caused the loss of thousands of pounds and left homeowners across the capital unable to complete their mortgages.

There were fears that BT’s actions could push the Company to the brink of bankruptcy by threatening legal action and costs if the London mortgage brokers did not back down.

The Court however, stepped in with an emergency injunction on Friday, ordering BT to reactivate the Company’s internet forthwith. BT immediately complied and was reprimanded for its behaviour.

BT Lawyers had earlier claimed it was ‘physically impossible’ to reactivate the lines only to back track later and claim that by allowing BT customers to obtain an injunction, it would open the floodgates to customers using the Courts.

Rob Killeen founder of Capital Fortune commented, “Today we have achieved our first landmark ruling for consumer protection. BT has been reminded that it cannot abuse its dominant market position and in the future it will be forced to respond efficiently when customers report problems.”

Killeen noted that BT’s Specialist Legal Team had instructed a top London Barrister for the hearing whilst Capital Fortune represented itself.

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