BT Digital Vault Falls Over

BT’s Customer service teams were telling callers last night (at 8pence a minute!) that they can no longer access their backed up files at BT Digital Vault for the next 24 hours as there is a server problem.

The BT web site says new, improved BT Digital Vault allows you to store your most important files online, share your photos and videos, and organise your essential documents – all in one convenient place all for £4.99 a month for 20Gig of space.

BT adds, ‘As it’s all stored online, you can access your content from wherever you are, whenever you want. So, should you lose your laptop, or if your PC breaks or is stolen, you won’t lose all your important files and precious photos.’

Except that is if the service falls over and their call centre staff actually has no real idea what is going on other that to tell callers to try to login again in 24 hours time.

At the time of writing we are awaiting an official response from BT.

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