BT Enhances IP Voice Services

BT has announced two new service enhancements to their Wholesale IP Voice Services (IPVS) by adding Service Assurance now and Call Recording in September. These features are available for Hosted VoIP and SIP Trunking deployments.

Service assurance is an optional chargeable extra that provides advanced, high-performance SIP monitoring and reporting and helps detect and solve real-life SIP problems efficiently in a pro-active way. This puts partners in a position to inform the customer what to do to solve a problem that they might not even be aware of yet.

The feature provides IPVS resellers with access to an advanced fault diagnostics platform that their technical teams can use to resolve problems and allows resellers to monitor the quality of calls made over BT’s platform, including feedback on the quality of the access link, including jitter, delay and packet loss on any access used. Resellers can download reports

IPVS Call Recording is a Hosted Application which BT says seamlessly integrates with IPVS Hosted IP Voice and SIP Trunking. Call Recording can be assigned to users via IPVS Service Delivery Platform self-service portals, which enable Service Providers to deliver Call Recording as an add-on to their core IP Voice Services.

BT says IPVS Call Recording provides a wealth of features, 30 day storage as standard with the option to upgrade to enhanced PCI (Payment Card Industry) Compliant Storage for recordings up to 180 days.

Administrators and End Users gain access via a Portal that provides real-time access to recordings, monitoring, reports and alerts. Recordings and features can also be accessed via Smart Phone web browsers including the iPhone, enabling Users to control and access their recordings on a number of devices wherever they may be.

According to BTW there is a huge market for this; for example, it enables the financial sector (banks, building societies etc) to meet FSA compliances. Also in the telecoms sector it could be used for anti slamming – and this may also be the same in the electricity and gas industries that suffer from slamming practices too.

BT commented, “These services are a first for BT Wholesale. Up until now we could only offer call record services (on both 20C and 21CN) via tape recordings with equipment in exchanges. This is the first time that BTW is putting call recording into the cloud.

It’s a pay as you grow service. CPs need to take IP Voice Services but after that there’s no set-up fees, no infrastructure requirements, CPs simply pay for what they use.

We capture the data in two data centres so it’s a geographically resilient service. But this is also a cloud service that is scalable and cost efficient.”

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