BT Fusion 4U

BT today announced a next generation of BT Fusion Wi-Fi handsets, which will use the company’s growing network of hotspots and Wireless Cities to offer customers thousands of extra places to get great value on their mobiles.

Mobile phone users will be able to make calls at home or out and about at BT Openzone hotspots and get four minutes talk for the price of one*.

For the first time, BT Fusion will be available to buy on the High Street this Spring in over 400 Phones4u stores across the UK, after the chain signed up to be the partner for the Wi-Fi launch.

BT’s Openzone network in the UK and Ireland means that it is in a unique position to offer a truly converged fixed-mobile service. The company’s plan to build a first phase of 12 Wireless Cities by the end of March next year means that most of the UK’s major city centres will soon offer widespread Wi-Fi coverage and the same four-for-one tariff will cover these locations.

It is expected that the introduction of the Wi-Fi handsets, the Nokia 6136, Motorola A910 and Samsung P200, will boost sales of this mobile service. Free internet surfing on the Wi-Fi handset is also part of the offer for Fusion customers, who can email or surf the web on their mobiles at home and at BT Openzone hotspots at five times faster speeds than GPRS.

Steve Andrews, BT chief, Mobility and Convergence, said: “Today, Fusion takes another huge step forward with an exciting new evolution offering even more places to get great value mobile calls. These latest free handsets will allow customers the freedom to just make the calls and surf the web via BT broadband without having to think twice.

“It is great sitting on the sofa at home and not having to worry about the cost of a convenient call made from your mobile. It is even better to get the same freedom when you are out and about, maybe in a hotel, at the airport or even shopping in a city centre. It knows where you are and connects automatically to Wi-Fi when you are at home or at a BT Openzone hotspot.

“BT Fusion was the world’s first and we believe it is the best. And because we have a large estate of BT Openzone hotspots and plans for a first phase of 12 Wireless Cities, customers can easily see the opportunity for savings. Our deal with Phones4u will make Fusion available on the High Street for the first time, as well as online and by calling BT. This mobile service is a great example of our convergence strategy to keep customers well connected wherever they are.”

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