BT Hits Back at Opal Broadband Initiative

BT Business has announced that it is to reduce the price of its business broadband packages. Also, it is further increasing the range of services such as mobile broadband, included within the packages, to help businesses cut costs and give them a stronger competitive edge in the economic downturn.

BT’s business packages, which include fixed and mobile internet access, 0800 and 0844 numbers, UK phone support, online workspaces and voice over IP services amongst other services, address the needs of businesses that want to use broadband as a complete competitive tool rather than ‘packages’ from other providers that are just a pipe into the internet.

The company says this announcement builds on BT’s innovation in being the first to introduce mobile broadband as part of an all-inclusive option. BT business will also be introducing up to 20Mb broadband for business soon, a realistic timescale for new technology to ensure reliability in business-critical situations.

The cost of BT Business Total Broadband Option 3 has been reduced by a massive 35 per cent from £40.50 to £30 per month. It now includes a mobile broadband connection, at no extra charge, to deliver complete and flexible broadband both in and out of the office. Added together, the package now includes up to £764.59 worth of additional business tools.

As well as the revamped Option 3, BT Business has made significant changes to its other packages: BT Business Total Broadband Option 1 has been reduced to £15 per month from £19.79 and Option 2 is down to £25 from £26.99. Option 1 now includes up £396.60 worth of inclusive business tools and Option 2 up to £524.59. A web-hosting offer is also available with all packages.1

Bill Murphy, managing director of BT Business, said: “Businesses need more than just broadband access; they need a complete service to drive competitive edge. What’s the point in buying a steering wheel when you need the rest of the car too? BT Business hasn’t just introduced massive savings for small businesses across our broadband packages; at the same time we’re giving them more at less cost to ensure they can weather the economic storm.”

To achieve greater savings across their communications spend, businesses can also include their broadband package in BT Business One Plan Plus, also launched today. By bringing together their broadband with mobile and fixed spend in one plan, businesses can further cut costs with the option of three months’ free line rental on their mobile package, unlimited calls within their business and 5% off their total bill when they hit their committed spending levels.

With the availability of Openzone via the Business Hub, which is included with Options 2 and 3, BT’s customers can also turn their premises into Openzone Hotspots enabling visitors to get online. They can buy further vouchers to sell to their own customers or visitors, another possible revenue opportunity.

BT Business Broadband offers a 99.99 per cent reliable broadband service, nine out of 10 faults are resolved in under four hours and 95 per cent of calls to our 24/7 UK help desk are answered within 30 seconds.

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