BT Improve Energiser Incentive Scheme

BT Business Partner Sales has launched an improved Energiser Incentive Scheme for 2015/16 following extensive partner feedback.

The improved Scheme allows partners to set their own new business targets, enabling greater financial rewards to be paid out. The higher the threshold target partners set the greater the possible reward with the potential to earn up to 4% of the value of eligible new business sales in addition to the standard commission.

The Energiser Incentive is designed to drive new business, with the following products available through the Scheme in 2015/16:

Private Circuits
BT Managed WAN
BT Cloud Voice
BT Cloud Phone
BT One Phone
Office 365

Martin Clarke, General Manager said: “Last year we ran the successful Energiser incentive Scheme for a second year. There have been some really great results again and we are looking forward to paying some big rewards at the end of May 2015. Due to its continued success, we are delighted to confirm the launch of the BPS Energiser Incentive for 2015/16.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine