BT Launch Wholesale Hosted IP Voice Services

According to BT Wholesale the UK demand for hosted IP Voice services is rocketing as businesses continue to watch their budgets. With low set-up costs and pay-as-you-grow flexibility, customers could be ready to start capturing demand in as little as two weeks with BT Wholesale’s hosted IP Voice service.

BT say the predictions are that between now and 2013 the number of ‘hosted seats’ in businesses using Centrex-based VoIP will grow by 2 million from the current base of 0.36 million. In parallel, demand for SIP trunk-based VoIP services is expected to increase more than ten-fold: from 51,000 channels to 570,000 channels in just two years (Source: based on BT market studies, April 2010). The total market size for SIP trunks is over 4 million, if you view this as the replacement to ISDN.

With a voice market in transition from ‘now generation’ to ‘next generation’ voice services, the big question for many suppliers in the channel is how to prime your portfolio to meet the needs of a customer base who might want one or both?

BT Wholesale believes it has the answer with the launch of its new white-label hosted product IP Voice Services (IPVS). BT Wholesale manages the complete service end-to-end but allows the customer to stay in control via their own portal where they can set up new customers’ accounts and configure their services individually.

If you are a Wholesale Calls (WSC) customer, the minutes generated by IPVS calls count towards your Wholesale calls commitment so that you can gain the most from both types of traffic as the market transforms. Equally, if you’re currently in broadband services and want to expand your reach, IPVS can open your door to a fresh market and to fresh revenues – when you offer voice as a potent data application.

With the BT Wholesale hosted IP Voice service, flexibility and scalability are key so it’s made up of two different options that you can use separately or combined to match each of your customer’s specific needs. Option One is Hosted VoIP. This is a Centrex service i.e. voice as a cloud computing service – for businesses that don’t have their own network infrastructure.

Option Two is SIP Trunking – which allows resellers’ customers to benefit from the cost advantages of IP Voice while continuing to carry on using their existing PBX and phone system. Both require a broadband service and here customers can choose from our fully managed services – BT Plusnet Partner or Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect – or Wholesale Broadband Connect.

BT says that in terms of how the service compares with their competitors – they are the first tier one telco to offer IP Voice Services. They add that to date this market has been in its infancy and has been the battle ground for ‘niche players and innovators’.

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