BT launches Home Hub 3

BT has unveiled its new smarter, smaller and greener wireless Home Hub for broadband.

The new BT Home Hub 3 offers users incredibly reliable wireless connections, over a long range, despite potential interference from other electronic devices in and out of the home. It is the latest generation in the innovative BT Home Hub series.

The device, available from 28 February, features smart wireless technology, which automatically connects to devices using the wireless channel with least interference. BT is the only ISP to offer smart wireless, giving customers the benefit of the strongest wireless connection, combined with exceptionally long range, compared to all other broadband providers.

Using smart wireless, the BT Home Hub detects interference and automatically selects the strongest channel, minimising overlap with other WiFi networks and non-WiFi devices. It will continue to monitor the chosen channel and switch to a new one if interference exceeds acceptable limits or the channel deteriorates.

In tests against routers from all other major service providers, the BT Home Hub 3 was the only one that could maintain a wireless connection despite interference likely to be encountered in many homes by smartly switching wireless channels, whilst the other routers all lost connection.

The new BT Home Hub 3 is finished in a combination of gloss and matt black. It is significantly smaller and compact than its predecessor, being just 106.8mm (4.20”) high x 185mm wide (7.28”) x 62.2mm (2.44”) deep and 50g lighter, weighing in at 350g.

Thanks to intelligent power management, the BT Home Hub 3 is also even more energy efficient than its predecessor, typically using a third less power, and its design uses 25 per cent less plastic. It automatically adjusts power usage based on connectivity and traffic detection. When there is no activity on Ethernet and USB ports or WiFi connection, it automatically reduces the power to these features. As soon as any activity is detected, that feature becomes fully active again. The reduced power consumption means the BT Home Hub 3 meets the latest, more demanding European Union energy regulations.

Jon Hurry, commercial director, BT Retail, said: “With its smart wireless technology, the new BT Home Hub 3 always looks for the best wireless channel available, giving customers the strongest connection, combined with exceptionally long range, compared to all other broadband providers. It’s at the heart of our broadband packages, making them the most complete in the UK. This, coupled with its significantly improved energy-saving feature and beautiful new design, makes the BT Home Hub 3 the most useful and desirable router on the market today.”

The new Home Hub 3 Hub is free for all new customers taking BT Total Broadband or BT Infinity either as standalone products or as part of a bundle. Existing customers can also get the new Hub without contract for £46 (half retail price) if they call BT.

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