BT Launches Innovative Network Solution to Improve Productivity and Resilience

BT has announced the launch of Hybrid VPN, a managed and secure solution that enables its customers to access their corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN) via the public internet. Available in 130 countries, Hybrid VPN aims at improving the operational efficiency of large organisations. It extends the reach of their business processes and applications to employees based in locations previously considered too remote or expensive for a secure VPN.

Because it uses the public internet, Hybrid VPN can be deployed rapidly across the globe. Hybrid VPN can also be used as a cost-effective back-up solution, providing resilience should a site’s primary access service fail. By using Hybrid VPN as an access resilience service, businesses can achieve further improvements in productivity through increased service availability and reduced application disruptions.

For businesses managing their own VPN access in multiple countries, switching to Hybrid VPN can reduce the number of contracts they need to manage with national internet services providers (ISPs), each with its own service levels, incidence handling and reporting practices. It also simplifies the handling of complex security mechanisms and network connectivity.

Neil Sutton, Vice-president, BTGS Global Portfolio, said: “Hybrid VPN is the latest product to be launched on our next-generation, software-driven 21CN global IP network and joins our BT Intelligent Networks family of services. One of the greatest hallmarks of this product is that it simplifies network connectivity for companies aiming for rapid deployment of their infrastructure globally.

He added, “Hybrid VPN offers operational efficiencies to customers to extend company applications to smaller and remote offices without the investment needed for ‘do-it-yourself’ solutions.”

Hybrid VPN is an essential component of BT’s strategy to increase the value of global network services by offering cost effective access options. It allows business to maximise their existing investments in Internet access and customer premises equipment (CPE). It will shortly be available for the BT iVPN service.

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